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Discover a seaside oasis in Tuscany where work meets relaxation like never before

The Concept


Find solace in our cozy seaside abode, offering four tranquil bedrooms for your restful retreat. Let the ocean breeze and gentle waves soothe your senses as you unwind in comfort.

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Maximize your productivity in our dedicated workspace tailored for digital nomads. Benefit from high-speed internet and serene surroundings, ensuring focus and efficiency during your stay.


Indulge in enriching experiences, from yoga sessions to local cuisine tastings, promising relaxation and rejuvenation. Dive into watersports or bask in beachside serenity for an unforgettable coastal getaway.


Forge meaningful connections in our vibrant community of adventurers and innovators. Share ideas, laughter, and experiences, fostering lasting friendships in a welcoming environment.

Our Story

Roammatez offers a harmonious work-play space with cozy bedrooms and dedicated workspaces, creating a vibrant community.

Started with a vision of blending productivity with relaxation for digital nomads seeking a balanced lifestyle.


Cozy Accommodations

Four bedrooms designed for comfort and focus, ensuring a tranquil stay.


Unique Experiences

From yoga sessions to dinners featuring Tuscan cuisine and beachside activities, a variety of enriching experiences await.


Community Vibes

Foster connections with like-minded individuals in a stimulating and collaborative environment.

Why Roammatez

Seaside Escape

Immerse yourself in beachside tranquility while staying productive in our inspiring workspace.

Work-Play Balance

Experience a harmonious blend of work and leisure, perfect for digital nomads and retreats.

Community Connection

Join a vibrant community of professionals, fostering networking and collaboration opportunities.

Guest Reviews

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